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22 May 2008 @ 01:08 am
Title: Earl Gray, Lollipops and Blow  
Title: Earl Grey, Lollipops and Blow
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Prompt: 2. Dark (Original Table)
Claim: General Series
Rating: M for language, violence, drug use
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and all related entities belong to their rightful owners and creators. This is for entertainment only; no profit has been or will be made.
Summary: In a world where the original Operation Meteor is a success, Treize Kushrenada finds he has more to worry about than surviving the wasteland that earth has become.

I'll most likely continue this. If anyone is confused at all, feel free to ask me any questions and I'll explain what in the world is going on. =)

The skies were gray; the sun was a faint disc beyond the thick blanket of clouds. The air was frigid and damp from the rains. Was it spring? Summer? What month was it? Treize lost track around three years ago. But what did it matter: everyday looked just like this. Earl gray clouds and a sliver of light beyond them.

"Your Excellency...?"

"There's no need for that anymore, Une." he said lowly as he shifted his tired blue eyes to the rubble that used to be his Munich estate. Every wall, window, piece of furniture was completely destroyed. There was nothing left but stone and ash. "I'm hardly an aristocrat, let alone a soldier. ...I'm only a man now. ...Barton saw to that."

Une shook her head and adjusted her glasses. A thin crack ran through the center of the right lens, and the frame was bent slightly. "You're still a leader, Sir. Those who remain still see you as such, myself included. That has not and will not change."

"...I never considered my agenda to be simple. To break down the Earth Sphere Alliance and Romefeller Foundation from the inside out would have taken the better part of the year, maybe longer. It was only the beginning. A beginning that met its end once Dekim Barton decided to execute Operation Meteor earlier than anticipated. I've always known Barton to have high levels of influence within the realm of politics. But to garner the full support of the colonies to execute more than one Colony Drop on the earth." " A mild frown crossed his face as he shook his head. "How he managed that still baffles me. I'm positive at least one person objected. ...Tell me Une. If I were to attempt something of this scale, do you believe Dermail, Noventa and Tsuberov would have given me their full support?"

Une gazed at her superior as he stared into the distance. "...I doubt it, Sir. Unless it would somehow benefit them, I highly doubt it. Either way, it is quite clear that the earth is in no condition to defend itself she the Colonies become anymore aggressive. OZ is but a shell of its former self, with but a few hundred soldiers remaining. Even less than that are combat ready."

Treize sighed quietly in mild resignation. "Apparently so. Can't help but admire their propaganda, though: The colonies razed the surface of the earth to rid humanity of those who abet war. And it is the colonies who will help the people of earth rebuild and start anew in peace. A fine plot of for ruling the entire Earth Sphere, wouldn't you say?"

"It's more of a slaughter than a plot, Sir."

"A slaughter, indeed. ...Any word from Zechs?"

"Yes, Sir. He and twenty other soldiers are on their way here as we speak."

"And our stores?"

"There are only three hundred and fifty seven of us, and we have enough food stores for about five years. It'll be no trouble to accomodate twenty one people." Une adjusted her glasses again. "Ensign Noin has just arrived. Unfortunately, she is the sole survivor of Lake Victoria. All of her students were killed in the attacks or died en route."

"To lose so many...and many of them so young. Tell Lucrezia I'll speak with her once she settles in. If Barton and his ilk continue to reach out to us, disregard them. I want to know more about this operation of his and exactly who backed him to make it successful."

Une nodded lightly. "They've been sending supplies to clusters of civilians worldwide. Should we accept supplies from them as well?"

Treize glared at the rubble at his feet. "After what they've done? Absolutely not. Send it back. All of it! The people of earth will rebuild without the help of crass politicians who wreak total havoc and destruction for their own personal gains. That includes Dekim Barton."


Any constructive criticism is welcome. This will also be posted in the memories section of my personal LJ. =P

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